Organizations (and Individuals) Supportive of a Constitutional Life Amendment

    • Crusade for Life

      Dr. Donald S. Smith (Founder)

      • “The enactment of a Constitutional Amendment for Life will make profound and far-reaching changes in the American way of life.”

      – Bob Cielnicky (Life Amendment Coalition Director)

      • “Scripture warns that God destroys nations for idolatry and shedding innocent blood. Abortion manifests both and legalized abortion is our national policy. How can killing 60 million unborn children not provoke a just God? A Life Amendment would make abortion illegal in America and seeks to re-establish America’s fellowship with God.”

      – Bev Cielnicky (President)

      • “A Life Amendment to the Constitution will protect all preborn babies in every state in America who are now legally being killed throughout a pregnancy.”
    • His Nesting Place – Pastor Al and Judy Howard
      • “We believe that every evangelical should get behind the Life Amendment to the Constitution that is now being sponsored by Crusade for Life, and then the evangelical church will truly become the Church of Jesus Christ.”
    • National Life Chain – Royce Dunn
      • “Human effort and financial largesse cannot pass a Constitutional Life Amendment, but love cultivated and treasured by the church can. God will handle the impossible when His church is willing to handle the doable.”
    • LifeSavers Ministries  – Tim and Terri Palmquist
      • “When the Supreme Court defies our nation’s key principles, history proves that a Constitutional amendment can effectively trump the court. Spreading this strategy will provide new hope for weary warriors who have given up on ever seeing an end to the killing.”
    • Life Issues Institute – Bradley Mattes
      • “Dr. Willke always said he supported a Life Amendment to the Constitution.”
    • Pro-Life Action League – Joe Scheidler (Founder)
      • “I think the Constitutional Life Amendment is a great idea and would be glad to have my name go with your supporters.”
    • Trevor Loudon – Author, filmmaker and public speaker
      • “I support this Amendment because our chief goal must be to uphold the sanctity of life above all else. Everything we do spiritually, politically, and socially should be in harmony with this goal.”
    • Pacific Justice Institute – Brad Dacus, Esq. (Founder and President)
      • “The Life Amendment is the end game objective for ending legal abortion.”
    • SOHLNET – Bud and Martha Reeves
    • Good Shepherd Anglican Church, Mesa, AZ – Fr. Earle Fox
    • Church of the King, Roseville, CA – Pastor John E. Stoos
    • Nordskog Publishing – Gerald Nordskog
    • Eagle Forum, California – Orlean Koehle
    • American Eagle Alliance – Lawrence P. Hebron
    • Operation Rescue – Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger
    • Survivors – Jeff White and Cheryl Conrad
    • 911 Babies – Eddie DeHart
    • Issues4Life Foundation – Walter Hoye
    • National Black Pro-Life Coalition – Walter Hoye
    • First Lutheran Church, Fontana CA – Pastor Jason Kilian
    • California Right to Life Educational Fund – Cecelia Cody
    • Created Equal – Mark Harrington
    • Issues in Education – Bob and Geri Boyd
    • Church of the Holy Innocents, Long Beach CA – Pastor Fr. G. Peter Irving III
    • Traditional Values Coalition – Lou and Bev Sheldon
    • William J. Federer – Author of several books including “What Every American Needs to Know About the Koran – A History of Islam and the United States.”
    • Sheriff Joe Arpaio – The sheriff that President Trump recently pardoned.
    • Congressman Trent Franks, R-AZ
    • Craig Huey – Publisher of Reality Alert, author, TV and radio commentator, small business owner
    • Hundreds of other individuals have sent in support for the Life Amendment.

If you represent an organization which is supportive of the Life Amendment, please tap here to join our team.

Supplemental Comments on the Constitution, Abortion and America

      • D. James Kennedy Ministries – Jerry Newcombe
        • “We agree with you about how awful abortion is and what a disgrace for us as a formerly Christian nation.”
      • Samaritan’s Purse – Jackie Dodson, Office of Franklin Graham
        • “We appreciate the information on the Constitutional Life Amendment and Franklin Graham is certainly a proponent for life.”
      • Focus on the Family – Tammy Masters
        • “Thanks for writing Jim Daly and John Fuller. We wish you and your colleagues all the best as you strive to foster a culture that defends and honors all human life.”
      • Eternal Perspective Ministries – Chelsea Weber (Executive Assistant to Randy Alcorn)
        • “Thank you so much for your email and thank you for all the work you are doing for the unborn. Randy is honored that you would want to connect with him about your ministry, but unfortunately will have to decline your kind request.”
      • Hillsdale College – Larry P. Arnn (President)
        • “The opportunity for constitutional renewal in America is greater than it has been in decades. But it will require rededicated efforts by “We the People” – the true and only sovereign source of authority under the Constitution – to see this work through.”