For 100 years prior to 1967, every state in the Union had a law against abortion. Because of a sexual revolution in the 1960s, unwanted pregnancies greatly increased, and there was a nationwide demand for legal abortion. Because of social pressure, legislators responded, and in 1967 several states passed laws liberalizing abortion.
 A number of Catholic individuals and their Churches moved out against abortion. The Protestant Church had already accepted the separation of church and state, and tended to stay aloof from “social issues.” However, most liberal Protestant denominations actively accepted abortion.
At the state level, many citizens fought to prevent their state from liberalizing abortion. As several states voted to keep abortion legal, the conflict became extreme. In the middle of this battle, the U.S. Supreme Court, in 1973, handed down two abortion decisions, known respectively as Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. These decisions authorized abortion, for any reason, throughout all nine months of pregnancy.
Since that time social conservatives have tried to overturn the Court’s decisions.  Some laws have been passed at he state level, controlling when and how abortions may be done, but the effects have been limited. Despite everything that has been done or attempted, over 60 million innocent unborn human beings have been killed by abortion.
Above and beyond this, abortion has affected every activity in American life. Negative impact is being felt in personal lives, family life, youth activities, communities, immigration, cultural affairs, and in the national economy. In short, abortion is destroying America.
 The only answer to this devastation is a Constitutional Amendment for Life. Only an Amendment can override the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions. Only an Amendment can protect the lives of every innocent unborn child. It is the purpose of this brochure to express the many outstanding benefits the Amendment will bring to our needy nation. 


The enactment of a Constitutional Amendment for Life will make profound and far-reaching changes in the American way of life. The changes will begin in the foundational principles of our country, and will reach to the present moment and beyond. Every American life will be touched, and every American institution will be impacted. It will be the beginning of a new American era.


The United States of America was founded in 1776 by the Declaration of Independence. The most important statement in the Declaration is ” all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, and among these is life.”
The word “men” in the Declaration means mankind, or humanity, and encompasses men, women, boys, girls, and all children, born and unborn. This meaning is consistent with the science of biology, in which the term “men” refers to our species “Homo Sapiens.” In this context the life of every individual begins at fertilization, or conception. The Declaration thus affirms that every human being has the same value to God, and the same position before the law.
Despite the clarity of the Declaration, backed as it is by science, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down the Roe and Doe Decisions, stripping away the full humanity of the unborn being.  Because the Constitutional
Amendment for Life restores the Declaration to its original intentions, a key truth emerges. We are assured that every human life, born or unborn, has the same standing and worth to America. This is irrespective of sex, race, age, condition of health, physical or mental abilities, or economic status.



Legal abortion, as the deliberate killing of unborn human beings, will be over forever in America. Also gone will be its drastic affects on parental lives and on social behavior. To appreciate this statement, one must realize that Abortion is the most offensive and destructive evil ever to be legalized in America. In addition to the irreplaceable unborn lives, abortion has left innumerable women in a state of emotional crisis, from which they will never recover. But with the Amendment firmly in place, these emotional affects will disappear.
 The impact of the Constitutional Amendment for Life will be so beneficial that America will become almost a different country. To start with, all the abortion clinics will close their doors.  Furthermore, drugs such as RU 486, used to end unborn lives chemically, will no longer be available. In addition, drugs that kill newly conceived human beings, such as the widely used “morning after pill,” will be unavailable. 


The implications of having over a million more citizens every year in America are awesome. These lives will be above and beyond those already existing.  Looking ahead 20 years, the entire population curve of the nation will change. There will be 20 million additional people, none of whom will be older than 20 years of age. The average age will be correspondingly lower, and every feature of American life will rebalance accordingly. As the decades proceed, the positive affects will be even more far reaching.
The new lives saved from abortion  are destined to become the fathers and the mothers of America. They will also be the workers and the tax payers and the defenders of the country, as necessary. Social, cultural, and economic problems that now seem unsolvable will yield to the energy and potential of a restored population. A natural outcome of this American ” resurrection ” will be cultural leadership of the entire world.


Abortion has resulted in a very serious shortage of job-workers and tax payers. This lack has had to be remedied by disastrous government borrowing. Furthermore, paid-in Social Security funds have been appropriated by Congress, and replaced with government bonds. All this, plus the sale of hundreds of billions of dollars in bonds in the USA and abroad, adds up to a national debt in excess of 18 trillion dollars. 
Technically, our country is “broke.” If a deep recession occurs, the American economy could literally collapse.
When abortion is ended, America will have millions of new citizens, who in several decades will boost government revenues greatly. This will be by paid-in taxes on personal and corporate income, as well as by Social Security payments. The present debt-oriented economic crisis will be changed to a balanced national budget. Finally, a greatly increased Gross Domestic Product will result in general economic prosperity.


At the present time in America, more couples are cohabiting than are getting married. In a companionate relationship, couples can break up without getting a divorce. Before abortion was legal, women preferred being married. If they became pregnant, they had a husband to take care of them. With cohabitation, if the woman has an unwanted pregnancy. or if her companion leaves her, she could resort to the evil of abortion. Under the Amendment for Life, however, there will be no more abortions. As a consequence, marriage will come back into favor as the intimate relationship between men and women..


Families, consisting of one man, one woman, and their children, should be the basic building blocks of society. At this juncture in America, the family has degenerated into any group of people, and abortion has kept it that way. But under the Amendment for Life, the classical family will once again become the foundation of society, and family life will blossom.

The restoration of the family will have far-reaching affects on the raising of children,
on education, on culture, and on entertainment. Moral values will be uplifted and crime will be diminished. Politics will also be affected, because human life will become an important consideration in legislative decisions. Law itself will gradually change, because the rudimental rights of unborn human beings can no longer be neglected.
The renewal of basic family life will have a profound affect on the entire country. Families make up communities, communities make up cities, cities make up states, and states make up the nation. Emotional and physical stability in the basic family will
 result in a country that reflects these qualities generally. When the Constitutional Amendment for Life is enacted, the long-range changes will begin to take place.  


The Church of Jesus Christ, or the Body of Christ, is the sum of all those who truly believe that Jesus is the Savoir and the Son of the Living God. These believers consider the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible to be the inerrant Word of the Almighty God. For many years, and presently, the main components of the Body of Christ are the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, and the Protestant Church. They all worship the same Christ, and believe in exactly the same Trinity.
In practical action, the Word of God becomes the Biblical Worldview. It was in this worldview that the Constitution of the United States of America was created. In the Constitution, there is no valid separation of church and state into separate identities.. The First Amendment to the Constitution establishes that America shall have no specific ” state church,” that is, no official church denomination. However, the First Amendment makes it clear  that religion in America is encouraged. Therefore, churches that accept the separation of church and state are not Constitutional or biblical on this point, and should carefully rethink their position. 
As work goes forward to achieve a Constitutional Amendment for Life, the churches in America will be drawn into the battle. Because they have everything to gain by being involved, the churches will become the major proponents of the Constitutional
Amendment for Life. The Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox churches will work together to this end. In so doing, the Lord will anoint the church anew, and bring untold thousands to salvation, and to works that glorify The Lord Jesus Christ. Thus the Amendment for Life will usher in a great revival, and a new era of peace and prosperity in America.


Section 1.
As used in this Constitution, 
the word person shall mean 
and refer to any and every living 
human being from the beginning of
its biological existence
as a human organism. 
Section 2.
Congress shall have power to
enforce this article by appropriate legislation.


America was established on the unalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, given to every human being by the Great Creator. These rights, plus the faith, work, and lives of the American people, resulted in the greatest nation ever to be founded on the earth. And God abundantly blessed the growth of this great nation.
But God cannot bless evil, and since abortion was legalized in 1967, America has struggled with one major problem after another. The social, cultural, economic, and national security issues have become almost overwhelming. Where is the blessing that has pursued our country since its beginning?
This brochure spells out the many benefits which will accompany the enactment of a Constitutional Amendment for Life. If we bless God by achieving the Amendment, God will open the Windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing on America which the cynical world will watch with incredulity. The blessing will be second only to the return of Jesus Christ himself.
Now we call out to everyone who wants this blessing, to get busy calling for a Constitutional Amendment for Life. This brochure is the opening move, and is available to all who want it. God Bless America. 

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